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Cute Giraffe Wall Decal Sticker
Watercolor Planets and Stars Wall Decal Sticker
Nursery Pink White Peony Floral Bouquets Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Watercolor Safari Animals with Tropical Leaves Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Watercolor Colorful Polka Dots Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Tropical Safari Animals Set Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Green Hot Air Balloon and Brown Aircraft with Clouds Wall Decal Sticker
Watercolor Alphabet Wall Decal Sticker
Cute Animals Singing on the Music Notes Wall Decal Sticker
Dark Blue Red Peony Floral Bouqet Wall Decal Sticker
Blue White Peony Floral Bouqets with Green Leaves Wall Decal Sticker
Little Boy with Blue Yellow Stars on the Outer Space with Blue Yellow Stars Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Cartoon Rabbits with Colorful Balloons and Moon Wall Decal Sticker
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Kids Cute Safari Animal with Tropical Trees Wall Decal Sticker
Matte Metallic Gold Strip Wall Decal
Watercolor Leafs Wall Decal Sticker
Tropical Leaf with Eucalyptus Wall Decal Sticker
Blue Pink Peony Floral Bouqet Wall Decal Sticker
White Pink Peony Florals with Red Purple Tulips Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Cartoon Rabbit with Balloons and Snowflake Wall Decal Sticker
Colorful Watercolor Little Stars Wall Decal Sticker
Nursery Cute Rabbit on the Crescent Moon and Yellow Stars Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Watercolor World Map Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Watercolor Space with Astronaut and Earth Wall Decal Sticker
Colorful Butterflies Wall Decal Sticker
Pink Peony Florals with Green Leaf Wall Decal Sticker
Colorful Space with Cute Little Girl on the Saturn Rings and Pink Moon Wall Decal Sticker
Geometric Arch Wall Decal Sticker
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3D Dutch Floral Colorful Tulips Wall Decal Sticker
Colorful Wildflowers Wall Decal Sticker
Colorful Space with Little Falling Stars and Planets Wall Decal Sticker
Cute Unicorn with Rainbow Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Nursery Undersea Wall Decals Cute Whale with Sea Animals Wall Sticker
Watercolor Red Pink Peony Floral Wall Decal Sticker
3D Dutch Floral Peony Flower Bouqet Wall Decal Sticker
White Cute Fullmoon with Clouds Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Cute Forest Animal with Banana Leaves Wall Decal Sticker
Kids Cute Animals with Banana Leaves Wall Decal Sticker
Pink Rose Red Peony Floral Bouqet Wall Decal Sticker
Orange White Peony Floral Boquets Wall Decal Sticker

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What is a wall decal?

Wall decals go by many names, some people call them wall stickers, wall graphics or even wall clings. Typically, they come as a very thin sheet of vinyl with a printed side and a side of adhesive. They’re useful because they can stick to flat walls without the need for nails or glue, leaving far less mess than any other type of wall decoration. Saying that we have a selection of wall decals is somewhat of an understatement. Wall decals can come in every conceivable form, from personalized wall decals to 3D wall decals to nature wall decals to themed decals. You can get Christmas wall decals or Halloween wall decals as an effective way to decorate for the holidays without the mess or clutter of physical decorations. 

How do I apply a wall decal?

Applying a wall decal is one of the easiest things you can do in the in-wall decoration. They’re a quick and simple way to add your sense of style and design to any room. They’re designed for quick application, so don’t worry. 

Firstly, prepare the wall for application. This means measuring the space where the wall decal will be applied so that you know it will fit. Take notes of any existing decoration, make sure that the surface is completely flat, and get a strong image in your mind as to how the wall decal will look. 

Then, clean the surface where you plan to apply the wall decal. Remove any dirt or oil on the wall, because you don’t want the adhesive to cling to this instead of the wall. Remove all dirt with a damp sponge and use a little soap to remove any oil. Then, wait for the wall to dry. 

Most wall decals are designed for one single application, so make sure that you get it right the first time. Hold the decal against the wall and draw an outline around it with a pencil and ruler so that you can be sure it’s in the right place. 

Then, remove the adhesive side of the decal and hold it carefully by the edges. Stick the decal exactly where you want it, within the outlines already drawn, for total accuracy. Once it’s stuck down, you need to press every part of the decal firmly to the wall. One of the best tools to do this is a squeegee. If the wall decal is small, or you don’t have a squeegee, a credit card is also an effective way to perform this final task. Work from the middle and move outwards, while pushing air bubbles to the edge of the decal. Once this is complete, remove the paper backing. Your decal should be looking straight and tidy if you’ve followed these instructions correctly. 

How to remove wall decals?

Wall decals are more easily removed than you might first think. All you need to do is heat them using a hairdryer on the lowest setting. This should allow you to peel it from the edges. If it’s still proving difficult to remove, you should increase the heat slightly. There should be no residue left on the wall and the wall should be free from marking. 

It is important that you apply as little heat as possible because the vinyl can get hot if temperatures get too high. This can leave residue behind as well as being a health and safety risk. 

Which wall decals are right for me?

There are so many types of wall decals and wall stickers that you could make use of within your home or workspace. Wall decals for bedroom can be as varied as you are. Sports wall decals are popular in boys' bedrooms, and pink wall decals are great for decorating bedrooms for newborn girls. Inspirational wall decals are popular in corridors and staircases, as that’s where you’re likely to read them the most! 

For something a little different, tree wall decals or branch wall decals are extremely effective around doorways and windows to harmonize the indoors with what you see outside. 

Wall decals are so popular in children’s bedrooms for a few great reasons. Firstly, they’re a lot cheaper than professional repainting and a lot less messy. Secondly, they’re totally removable. This means that if you place it incorrectly, or if you change your mind about the style, you can take it off the wall with no damage or difficulty. This feature makes wall decals for children so useful because they can grow with them. As a baby, you might opt for a rainbow moon wall decal or a cloud decal. Then, as they grow, tree wall decals or landscapes can replace them with ease. Even as teenagers, sports wall decals or planet wall decals can be easily applied to suit changing likes and interests. 

One of the coolest things about wall decals is their total customizability, and this doesn't end with interesting graphics of animals or landscapes. You can customize wall decals so that they can feature absolutely anything! You could get a wall decal of your favorite quote, whether it’s known by everyone or something unique. Your wall decals can be tailor-made to your home and then changed as you change tastes.


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White Crescent Moon Wall Decal


Colorful Space Wall Decal


Watercolor Leafs Wall Decal


Tropical Trees Wall Sticker


Pink Protea with Ranunculus Wall Sticker


Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Decals

Wall decals are a quick makeover option for your interior. You can stick them to walls without needing glue or nails.

What are the Most Popular Wall Decals?

What are the Most Cheapest Wall Decals?

The cheapest wall decals at Wallmur include the Kids watercolor polka dots wall decal, watercolor planets and stars wall decal, and watercolor leafs wall sticker.

How Much does Wall Stickers Cost?

The cost of wall stickers varies depending on your chosen style and theme. At Wallmur, you can get wall decals for as low as $29.

Where to Buy Wall Stickers?

Wallmur sells unique wall stickers. You can choose from the collection and have your order shipped to you within ten days, anywhere in the World.

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