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Commercial Wallpapers

Welcome to the world of commercial wallpapers on Wallmur. Certainly, we are here to give you top designs and styles. But more than that, we want to help you choose what's best for you.

What are commercial wallpapers?

Commercial grade wallpapers are designed to meet the needs of various business environments. Therefore, they are meant for commercial spaces like hotels, cafes, hospitals, retail stores, and more. In addition to being elegant, these wall coverings are durable, trendy, and safe for use. Whatever your brand identity, there is a commercial wallpaper for you.

Categories of Commercial Wallpapers in Wallmur

Our commercial grade wallpaper collection includes top designs for all business spaces. You can check them out below:

Hotel Wallpaper

Hotels can create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere for guests with commercial wallpapers. As a result, go for hotel wallpapers with nice textures and patterns. They are great for this purpose.

Restaurant Wallpaper

Commercial wallpapers can improve the dining experience of restaurant guests. All you have to do is choose designs that match the culinary theme and brand identity.

Residential Wallpaper

Residential wallpapers can add warmth and personality to living spaces. You can find them in different textures, colors, and patterns. All you have to do is choose based on your style.

Retail Wallpaper

Retail wallpapers help to create an engaging shopping environment. But you should choose a wallpaper that reflects your brand's image. Such wallpapers should also look great to your customers.

Corporate and Office Wallpaper

Corporate and office wallpapers are great additions to office spaces. They make employees more productive. In addition, they make your space more welcoming for clients.

Cafe Wallpaper

Cafe wallpapers help to create a casual, relaxing, and inviting ambiance. As a result, go for wallpapers with coffee-related designs. Those with other artistic illustrations are also suitable here.

Why use commercial wallpapers ?

Certainly, there are many reasons to choose commercial wallpaper murals. But we have listed a few below:

They are durable.

Go for something more durable than residential wallpapers. It becomes even more important if your space is always busy. Commercial wallpapers can stand the wear and tear of busy areas.

Maintenance is easy.

Places with more activities require regular cleaning. But this won't be a problem with commercial wallpapers. You can scrub and wash them. As a result, they always stay clean and shiny.

They add texture and depth.

Commercial building wallpapers come in different textures and patterns. Therefore, they can make your spaces more inviting for guests. They can also make it better for employees.

They are available in custom designs.

Another reason to choose commercial wallpapers is customization. You can have them in your preferred design or style. For example, businesses can print custom designs, logos, or high-resolution pictures into wallpapers.

They are eco-friendly.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of this group of wallpapers. Commercial real estate wallpapers are often made from sustainable materials. Therefore, you can recycle them with minimal impact on the environment.