Graffiti Wallpaper and Murals for Wall

Street Collage Art Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Kids Forest Animals with Treehouse Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Cartoon Animal with Music Note Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Nursery Tropical Landscape with Cute Girrafes Wallpaper Mural
angle-left angle-right
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Retro Classic Car with Graffiti Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Street Graffiti Rock Music Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Pence Poster Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Mind Control Poster Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²
Concert Poster Wallpaper Mural
£2.97/ft² £32.00/m²

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In this site section, you can choose graffiti wallpaper for room. Compare our designs of graffiti street art wallpaper for walls and choose the best one for you.

Cool Graffiti Wallpaper for you

Graffiti wallpapers will add your interior to a very interesting and stylish looking with its strikingly gorgeous view. Those who are keen to display a completely excellent expression in the most artistic way would love to have this concept. Beautiful and charming, it is also admired in the streets as well. So, why not present it indoors?


It is a very colorful and unique design for any room that you might choose. This urban style will bring out a very exciting feeling in a home office, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Never out-of-fashion with its urban style, it is going to look perfect even in children's and teenagers' bedrooms as well. The graffiti wallpaper theme has always been popular for many years. It began to be appreciated in street walls because the design has been accepted as a unique way of expression. And today, it has been displayed in our rooms. The vibrant colors of this concept revitalize any room and one can expect an amazing image in interiors. The bold and glorious colors will create a spectacular design that will add the vivid feeling of a city.

Decoration with Abstract Graffiti Wallpaper

Decorating graffiti wallpaper is pretty easy especially for a teenager's boys room. It will give a nice appearance if it is decorated with street signs such as "Yield" and "Stop" and maybe personalized street names. This urban scene of the streets will add a lot of fun and thrill to their room. Also, it is possible to make graffiti with landscapes and cartoon characters for your child and turn their room into a dreamy place where they can enhance their imagination.


Young ones are very interested in these designs. The freedom of the streets will make anyone feel relaxed and independent in their safest place.. their homes! People who seek attention for their walls will love to have these gorgeous wallpapers. It is a style that has a contemporary approach for walls, showing off beautiful bold colors that also evoke imagination. Among the popular graffiti abstract wallpapers, the brick murals are the most likable ones for any room. It is also realistic with its mesmerizing tones of red and brown. The brick wallpaper will give your room a gateway appearance which is sure to attract all the attention in your home!


Graffiti art wallpapers are generally displayed meaningful worlds that may also be abstract ideas. Those who would like to have their names printed in that form can have it for any room. Also, geometric art shapes such as cars and skyscrapers are pretty popular. With pictures and word designs the appearance of your walls will be admired by your guests because of its artistic impression. These designs can be ordered from official mural companies. There are perfect graffiti designs for any room that you might choose. A special and personalized form of graffiti mural is also possible once you find the right wallpaper company. In the end, your interior space will be the best place where one can find real excitement and freedom.


Street art is bold, colorful, and always cool. Graffiti themed wallpapers will create stunning wall decor in the living room, a teen's bedroom, or any store, coffee, restaurant. Of course, you can also use graffiti-themed wallpapers in a traditional space so you can combine modern wall art and classic furniture to create a fun interior decoration. If you are looking for an original and innovative theme, you are definitely in the right place. From abstract and bold art to cityscapes, graffiti wallpapers blend perfectly with contemporary to retro decor. 


With vibrant tones and shadows, you can transform any room or store in your home or office and show your taste. You can also give your place a fun look and feel. If you want to innovate your interior decoration but want to be different, Wallmur's wallpaper collection adds a striking effect that adds depth and color to your room, creating an absolutely different effect. Of course, those who come to your home will not be able to take your eyes, and you will find yourself in exciting conversations. You will have created a great new focus in your home. Whether your home has a retro or modern decor, an eclectic, or minimalist design effect, you'll find that our collection of Graffiti Wallpaper & Wall Murals fits any style.

Do you want to revive your living space, or are you looking for teen room ideas?

Need eye-catching details for your room? With colorful wallpapers, you can add perfect decorative details to your space. Graffiti themed wallpapers are the perfect choice not only for street art, wall painting, abstract painting, or spray painting art lovers but for those who want to create a spectacular accent in every area. If there is an area you don't like, especially in your home or you don't like architecture, you can transform this area with a design that you choose from the wallpaper collection. Graffiti wallpapers add interesting texture and quality to any space. Distinctive bold blows, vibrant colors, and attention to finer details distinguish the theme of graffiti from many modern works of art. If you are looking for a unique transformation, Wallmur's unique collection of Graffiti Wallpaper & Wall Murals is for you.

Where did the first Graffiti appear on the Walls?

Graffiti, in its most basic sense, is a visual application that expresses itself through graffiti and paintings. The word graphic derived from the word graffiti. Historically, it can said that graffiti dates back to an ancient past, due to the shapes drawn on the walls of the cave, the antiquity, the 4th century, Graffiti in Pompeii can be said to be considered. Messages of various shapes and writings left on the walls and rocks where people passed during the Egyptian period, although the first steps of graffiti considered, the main point of graffiti in the present sense is the World War II. It coincides with the days of World War II. Graffiti until today, in this process, in this regard Hugo Martinez, Bozo Texino, Taki 183 has led to fame names. For example, TAKI 183 has achieved great fame in subway stations in Washington and Manhattan between 1969 and 1974. As a result of this development, graffiti writers called "tag" started to add symbols and interesting pictures to their signatures. Some of them are numerical symbols; some are logos, and so on shapes.


Over time, the size of the letters used, the letters began to be decorated with patterns, everyone has determined their style of writing and has used its unique colors, and even the situation has become a reflection of calligraphy art. All over the world graffiti lived after the peak of 1980. Nowadays, graffiti art has become a trend and has started to be used not only in the streets but also in home decorations. Graffiti is seen as a talented art which is the perfect way to bring your style into your home now. Whether your interior design is a contemporary, stylish, retro, or classic and elegant regardless, certainly incorporating a small graffiti interior design into your space will make your home decoration more eye-catching. Wallmur's collection of Graffiti Wallpaper & Wall Murals inspired by the environment is a great way to add a sense of trend to your home.

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