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Byzantine Corridor Wallpaper Mural
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Antique Architectural Greek Column Drawing Art Wallpaper Mural
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Magnolia Blossom with Column Wallpaper Mural
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Columns and arches are well-liked details in architecture, and they are also a design classic. In the past, since they were used more in architecture, of course, we did not think of adding them to our homes as decorations. As architecture evolved, arches or pillars became less important as structural support and became more important for decorative style, especially after the introduction of steel in new generation structures. Arches and columns are integrated into the beauty and elegance of the facade in interior decoration and make the appearance more effective.

You can add an eye-catching effect to your home decoration by mixing the arch and column wallpaper that you will use in interior decoration with modern or contemporary elements. Arches with decorative details focus on traditional furniture and artwork, bringing together traditional and modern elements in the home. Everything from walls to furniture in your home creates a beautiful harmony with each other. With Wallmur's collection of Columns and Arches Wallpaper & Wall Murals for you, you can create an attractive interior decoration by blending traditional and modern in your home.

Decorative Appeal of Columns and Arches

Columns and arches are perfect decoration ideas for homes and workplaces. If you want to transform an area quickly and you want to do it in a very cool way. Our collection of columns and arches wallpaper is exactly according to your needs. If you want your interior arches to stand out instead of adapting, you can highlight other details in the area by using a contrasting color for other walls. In the same way, if you want the arches and columns to blend and blend with another, use a light color for the other walls in the area. If you're going to decorate your home, office, or any commercial space in a way that makes you feel better for your taste, you need to know your space well.

Thus, you are quite happy with the result; you can continue to live in peace with your new decoration. For those who make their interior decorations, instead of thinking about how to do everything from scratch, progressing by adding individual touches on a thoughtful approach can give you faster and more beautiful results. Of course, you can be quite happy with the results. At this point, Wallmur's collection of Columns and Arches Wallpaper & Wall Murals makes it easy for you to get the change you need.

Arch is a curvilinear structural element used in architecture to cross any aperture. The arches, which have a curved shape, give the weight on the apertures such as doors and windows to the legs on the sides, and the load is transferred to the floor firmly. The belt is, therefore, a carrier element which has an important function in transferring the load safely to the ground. At the same time, it is used as an addition to beautifying the structure. The column in history is the name given to the cylindrical vertical support, which is made of any material such as stone, wood, marble, and used to keep the structures standing. The column, which transfers the forces of external and internal influences to the ground, has been used to keep the structures alive since the beginning of the building's history. 

The first known column example was used in Imhotep Temple in  2600 BC with stone molds. The ancient civilizations column was used to consolidate the structure, while Ancient Greece and then Rome began to use the column as an add-on to beautify the structure. Columns and arches from past to present have been used in beautification as well as strengthening structures. Columns and arches, which have become popular in interior decoration today, can easily be applied with Wallmur's collection of Columns and Arches Wallpaper & Wall Murals. The area where you make this touch will look more attractive and cool.

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